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When it comes to potential problems with your vehicle, your senses will often alert you to something unusual. Whether it’s a noise that isn’t normal or a feeling like shaking that doesn’t seem right, the warning signs are often there. The sense of smell can also help alert you to potential problems with your vehicle. The nose knows when something is a bit off, so learn more about the smells you might encounter and what they could mean.

  • Burnt Rubber – This smell is exactly what it means, a rubber component is causing issues. This could be a slipping drive belt or misplaced loose hoses rubbing against rotary accessory drive pulleys. Avoid reaching into the engine if it’s hot.
  • Gasoline – If you smell gas, chances are your car has a gas leak which could be from the fuel tank itself or a fuel injector line.
  • Hot Oil – If you can smell hot oil, it means oil is leaking onto your vehicle’s exhaust system. To verify that the smell is leaking oil, check for oil on the pavement and/or smoke coming from the engine.
  • Sweet Syrup – This may seem like a good smell, but a sweet syrupy smell can be a sign that your car is leaking coolant. Avoid opening the radiator cap if it feels hot.
  • Burning Carpet – If it smells like a rug is on fire, you might have brake problems. Get your brakes check out right away because this could be a serious safety hazard.
  • Rotten Eggs – The smell of rotten eggs is usually associated with sulfur and it’s no different here. It could mean that your catalytic converter is failing to convert hydrogen sulfide to sulfur dioxide. Engines that are running poorly can cause this issue.

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