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Buying a used car often make sense financially, but used vehicles sometimes come with some unwanted scents. Even if you bought your car brand new, after time it can start to smell bad for a variety of reasons. Here are some ways to remove those unwanted scents from your vehicle effectively.

Interior Cleaners
Many times odors will come from the car’s A/C. One of the best ways to remove those odors is with a cleaning product containing enzymes. This kills the odor at its source which stops the foul odor. Don’t use household cleaners because they’ll only mask the smell temporarily.

Cigarette Smoke
Cigarette smoke is one of the most difficult smells to remove from your vehicle. That smoke gets into your car’s interior including the upholstery and inside the A/C vents. To remove the foul odor, shampoo your carpets, upholstery, and headliner with an enzyme-based cleaning product. After that use an odor neutralizer with enzymes.

Cleaning A/C Vent System 
You’ll want to clean your vehicle’s A/C vent system to make it smell better. Start by turning the A/C on all the way with the recirculate option being off. You’ll need an odor killing spray with enzymes. Spray a good amount into the exterior air intakes (just below windshield wipers) and allow the vehicle to run for 10 minutes with the A/C on and then 10 minutes with the A/C off. Next, spray into the inside A/C vents and let your car sit for 20 minutes turned off with the windows rolled up. Repeat if necessary.

While you can try eliminating odors yourself, the best and most effective way is to have your vehicle professional detailed including a complete steam cleaning.

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