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Getting your new teenage driver out on the road can be a scary but exciting time. You no longer have to drive them around everywhere, but you want them to be safe on the road. Parents have a tendency to not want to let go and they may want to be sure their teens are over prepared to drive on their own.

While you have to allow your teenager to drive on their own at some point, you can still make sure they are prepared for any situation by putting together an emergency kit for them. This could get them out of a sticky situation and can also help you feel more at ease while they are on the road. Add the following items to your teen driver’s emergency kit.

  • Booster Cables – These should be in any vehicle and can get you started if your battery dies.
  • Microfiber Towels – These can clean up any messes in the vehicle including spilled drinks or food.
  • Portable Charger – A charger can power up any device including cell phones which are certainly needed in an emergency situation but should not be overused by teens on the road.
  • Flashlight – In the event that something goes wrong while driving at night, a flashlight can be very useful.
  • Simple First Aid Kit – In case any injuries occur you don’t want to be bleeding all over the upholstery.
  • Pen and Paper – To write down any necessary information including insurance info if an accident occurs.
  • Blanket – In case your teen gets stranded when temperatures are very cold.
  • Bottled Water – If something happens and the vehicle gets stranded you want to make sure they have enough water, especially during the summer.

You also want to be sure your teenager’s vehicle is performing optimally to lower the chances of an emergency situation. For an oil change or other preventative maintenance, stop by Fast Eddie’s today.

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