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You know that getting your car washed makes it look good, but are there any other benefits to having it washed? The answer is yes, getting your car washed regularly can actually help keep its paint in great condition. Most of us don’t wash our cars very often, and some drivers only do so when they get really dirty.

How often you should have your car washed depends on what it’s exposed to on a regular basis. If your vehicle is often dirtied by bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, rain, salt from coastal air, and other elements, ideally you should be washing it weekly. If those conditions don’t apply and your car stays relatively clean, you may be able to have it washed monthly. On average, you should be getting a car wash about every two weeks.

All the previously mentioned contaminants can do more than just make your car look bad. They can also slowly deteriorate your vehicle’s paint job. Over time some of those sticky substances can cause damage to paint, and the longer you leave them on your car the worse it gets. If you clean your vehicle regularly the paint will be protected, keeping it in great condition over the long term.

In addition to just having your car washed, you should also have it waxed. Wax protects your vehicle’s paint job from the elements. It also guards against minor damage. Even if you don’t mind a bit of paint damage, it could significantly lower your vehicle’s resale value. A process called claying can also remove particles that are trapped in your car’s paint job. Clay can draw them out to keep the paint from being damaged.

Fast Eddie’s can help you determine which of our car wash packages is best for you. Give us a call at 800-882-0501 to learn more.

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