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Classic cars are almost as American as apple pie. That’s why National Collector Car Appreciation Day takes place during the month of our nation’s birthday each July. Every year millions of Americans turn up at car shows to drool over beautiful classic cars, and owners rejoice in keeping them in pristine condition.

Keeping your classic car in good condition actually isn’t as difficult as you might think. With just a few tips you can keep your classic car running great and looking as good as new.

Drive your vehicle regularly

You might think you need to keep your classic car away from the elements and not drive it. While it is a good idea to store your vehicle when not using it, driving it at least once a month is strongly recommended. Get the engine hot for at least half an hour and be sure to turn the wheels and engage the tires.

Keep fluids full

If you aren’t driving your car very often you might not think that keeping the fluids topped off is a big deal. You should actually be sure your car has plenty of oil, water, and brake fluid so the seals and rubber components don’t dry up and cause leaks. You should also stick to a regular oil change schedule.

Clean as a whistle

Avoid parking on dirt or gravel to prevent damage to your vehicle’s undercarriage. Keeping dirt and debris off your car to help make sure its paint job stays in good shape. Driving your classic car to the car wash once a month is the perfect way to keep it running well and looking great. Be sure to opt for the works package to have your tires and underbody washed and the whole vehicle waxed.

Classic car maintenance in Michigan

If you own a classic car in the Lansing, Michigan area, bring it to Fast Eddie’s Wash & Lube. For only $12 our Works Wash includes tire cleaner, underbody blast, sealer wax, triple coat foam wax, and much more. We also offer oil changes which include a 21-point inspection and a top off of wash solvent and power steering fluid. Keep your classic car looking and running great with Fast Eddie’s today.