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f you’re on a budget, buying a new car can be a frightening experience. Many vehicles are overpriced and aren’t even affordable when making monthly payments. You might consider buying a used vehicle to save money, but there are many advantages to buying a car new. Your best option might be to find a cheap new car so you can have the best of both worlds.

5. Fiat 500 Pop – $15,985

This car was ranked by Kelley Blue Book as one of its 10 coolest cars under $25,000. It features a media hub and a 5-inch full-color touchscreen as well as hands-free calling. The Pop also features a somewhat powerful engine and decent fuel economy.

4. Mitsubishi Mirage G4 ES – $15,595

This model offers the latest in standard technology including Bluetooth capability, a rearview camera, USB ports, and touchscreen display. It has plenty of space and good gas mileage but not a lot of horsepower.

3. Hyundai Accent SE Sedan – $14,745

You’ll save money purchasing this vehicle, but you’ll probably spend more at the pump because its fuel economy ratings aren’t the best. The Accent comes with a 10-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty and plenty of cargo space.

2. Nissan Versa Sedan S Plus – $14,130

Not only will you save money buying this sedan, but it also has reasonable fuel economy as well as plenty of space for seating and cargo. If you don’t mind a barebones option with minimal technology, this car might be right for you.

1. Ford Fiesta S – $13,660

If you don’t mind a compact car, the Ford Fiesta S is one of the cheapest options available. You can comfortably seat five people and this car comes equipped with the latest technology. It has a 120-horsepower engine which is powerful enough for most drivers.

No matter how much you paid for your car, you’ll want to keep it looking good.

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